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Background of the IARS


In 1992 a group of Air Reserve officials held a meeting in Lahr, Germany, with the aim of learning from the experiences of the International Air Reserve community. Attending this meeting were: Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Various discussions were held about the institutionalization of the informal meeting. At the 6th IARS 1998, discussion about having a secretary started; at the 7th IARS 1999: discussion about the enlarging the circle of the participating countries was initiated; at the 9th IARS 2001, discussion about the way the meeting would be hosted; at the 10th IARS 2002, the IARS Office was officially established and the concept “Terms of reference” was used for the first time.


The Secretary of the IARS Office stared unofficially as of 2002 and was conducted by a reserve officer from the Netherlands. Officially the Secretary of the IARS Office was created with the Letter of Intent (LOI) signed for the first time by the participating countries in 2008. The term of the office is 3 years. The Netherlands prolonged for the first period of 3 years, until 2011. As 2012, Switzerland took over for the second term, until 2015. The next country is still unknown.



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