International Air Reserve Symposium

International NCO Leadership Development (INLEAD)

The mission of the INLEAD program, as an integrated element of the IARS – COLD sub-committee, is to provide the IARS participating nations with a leadership course for Non-Commissioned officers, where they will be able to expand their leadership concepts through exposure to and discussion of leadership theory and practice as well as to foster interaction with other nations to better understand differing military cultures.


INLEAD will expose IARS NCO participants to an array of leadership tools, provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas within a multi-cultural environment. To stimulate discussion, students are exposed to the Host Nation’s military and societal culture, history, leadership techniques to include learning styles, the nation’s decision-making process and to provide a climate conducive to training that will enrich and benefit all partners’ interoperability and future mission success on the battlefield. Above all, it is to offer an insight into leadership training while enhancing the military experience of all those attending.



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